Appetite Givers- Beyond Satisfaction

Love to have food that soothes all your senses? Not just appealing to your tongue but also soothing to your eyes, perfect crackling sound of a food item, soft to touch and gives a fresh friendly smell. Are you a foodie or quite selective when it comes to satisfy your taste buds? Finding such food that suffices beyond satisfaction is more than dream comes true. There are many destinations that can quench your thirst and hunger but finding a right provider is of utmost importance.

We being a catering company are happy to serve and leave our customers feeling delighted. What is the purpose of catering? Well catering is a business to provide food service at any location or site. Our purpose is to satisfy your hungry stomach which gradually results in a satisfied mind.

We offer one stop solution for any kind of functions like receptions, wedding, conventions, exhibitions, conferences etc. We have multi-cuisine offerings not just involving menu from one region but servings across the world. We arrange for the delivery, preparation and presentation of food for our clients.

Catering is now no more restricted to a particular location or a site. There are various catering services being offered which has changed the picture of presentation of food. Mobile catering that involves usage of a mobile van to render services to specific locations, take home orders which involves delivery of food to customers, special events catering to business and industrial meets.

Catering seems pretty straightforward and simple but we as a caterer are not just involved with providing of basic food. Food is part of a broader mission- offering value for money service that satisfies our customers and makes them feel delighted.

We as a caterer have to look after food safety and quality before serving it on our customers’ platter. We not just provide a menu but also customise it as per our customers’ requirements. At times recipes are needed to be adjusted and cooking methods needs to be altered to confirm religious dietary requirements or personal preference of client.

We create a strong team of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers etc. who are involved in this chain of serving to customers. We manage accounting, taxes, budget etc. to manage your taste buds. We pay clear attention to every detail of decor, table arrangements, food presentation etc. to win customer loyalty and attract potential clients.

Your word-of-mouth is our biggest marketing source. So whether it’s dealing with 15 people in a meeting, 500 in a get- to- gather or thousands in marriage, we are always happy to serve you and be at your service. Have an exotic experience by hiring us as your caterer.
Have a happy food time!